That is the percentage of the donations to The Two Titmice Foundation that go directly to patients who are battling breast cancer.

ed & kristinWe do not take any fees out for management, promotions, advertising, legal, staffing, payroll, bonuses, travel, etc. All of the donations to The Foundation go to patients. In addition to donations from individuals and businesses two dollars from the sale of every bottle of Two Titmice Vodka goes to the foundation.

My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. Radiation and surgery cured her of the disease.  We utilize the very network of physicians that cured my wife to help us find patients in need of financial help while they fight breast cancer.  Medical bills are not the only financial assistance that our foundation helps with.  While a patient fights the disease, work can be missed, income reduced and stresses mount as the everyday bills keep coming. Utility bills, rent, travel to appointments, food, and child care are but a few of the expenses that The Two Titmice Foundation can assist with during a patient's fight with cancer.

foundation logoIn the US this year over 300,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and over 40,000 will succumb to the disease.

Our goal at Two Titmice is to help reduce those numbers and to lessen the financial burdens for those fighting the disease.  Thank you for your patronage, any donation, and your support.

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