A Better Tasting Vodka

Two Titmice VodkaIt takes an average of ten sweet potatoes to make each bottle of Two Titmice Vodka. Hand selected from the fields around the distillery in the San Joaquin Valley, our potatoes are the heart and soul of our spirit. Buttery smooth straight from the bottle with just a hint of sweetness at the finish, our sweet potato vodka will compliment your favorite mixer and is smooth enough to be enjoyed on the rocks.

We create Two Titmice Vodka in batches of about 1000 bottles. Our small batch distillation allows us to maintain the integrity of our spirit at all times. Our first distillation takes our spirits to about 170 proof and our second distillation gets us to 190 proof. We then bring the spirits down to 80 proof by slowly adding spring water and using a proprietary five day filtration process.

At this point we have an exceptional vodka, but we do not stop there. We then chill the vodka down to 28 degrees for one last cold filtration process.  It is a time consuming process but a labor of love. We believe that with your first taste you will agree it was time well spent!